Where Do You Want Crowds To Go?


AUG, 2016

Event Mangement

So if you are reading this you have probably worked at events or have had some management responsibility for crowd safety at events and have worked at a number of these.

I have a question for you! Have you ever walked around your event in that tranquil time before the gates open and asked yourself these questions…………..

  1. Where do my customers want to go today and how are they going to get there?
  2. Can my customers get to where they want to safely and importantly allowed to go today?
  3. Have I worked out my flow rates and capacities to ensure that I can accommodate everyone safely?
  4. Have all my stewards the required qualifications and experience to cope and deal with anything that I might reasonably foresee occurring today?
  5. Can I deal with my worst case scenarios?
  6. Do I know what these might be?
  7. Can I cope if it all goes wrong?

Well are you?

Steve Laws

Written By

Steve Laws


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