Vehicle Search Training

Course Title: Vehicle Search Training

Course length: 8 hours / 1 day

Safe and Trained vehicle search training is designed around clients responsibility for combating the threat of vehicle-borne explosive devices and completing vehicle searches; cars, vans and lorries. The aim of this programme is to develop your business and people’s knowledge and confidence in the effective searching of vehicles.

The topics covered include:

  • Understanding the threat
  • Types of device
  • Vehicle searching techniques
  • Action on discovery of a device

The course also covers searching for illegal or prohibited items that form part of the security protocols for clients businesses.

Who is Vehicle Search Training for?

Businesses who have a security role to provide physical protection to premises and individuals from vehicle-borne explosive devices and illegal/prohibited articles.

Tess Compliance and Safety also provide vehicle search training to compliment Close Protection training.

The course covers cursory and systematic searching when this is necessary and how to maintain the security of vehicles to reduce and protect the need for searching.

Why Choose Safe and Trained?

We have a unique understanding of these industries and the risks which govern businesses when working in areas of national and international arenas. We have a vast experience in policing and security and our trainers have a wide experience of working in the highest levels of Protection duties.

  1. We have a large number of trainers across the country so can meet any business locations or requirements
  2. We offer handouts as part of the training package
  3. Your business will be allocated a dedicated course coordinator to support the whole process

Course availability: We are able to run this course at our own training facility in Northampton. Alternatively we can deliver the course at your business premises. We run courses from a wide number of locations throughout the UK.

Course booking: To book this course please call +44 (0) 1604 210500 or email [email protected]


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