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As Traffic Management Consultants Tess Compliance and Safety has more than thirty years’ experience in traffic management, traffic legislation and traffic enforcement. Effective and safe road traffic management is an essential part of any highway, public or private event.

Traffic ManagementWe are able to provide effective and comprehensive advice, and take care of the whole process from preparing road traffic management plans through to the implementation of a workable and cost-effective traffic management scheme. Tess Compliance and Safety are an experienced training provider for all your Traffic Management training needs.

Who is Traffic Management for?

Any business wishing to carry out temporary and static works on highways (including all forms of traffic control including single and multi-phase traffic signals). Tess Compliance and Safety unravels the red tape around road traffic management. We work with clients as an advisory service to help approval with local Highway Authority and highway partners such as emergency services and more. Our traffic consultants will attend site visits and complete Highway Authority applications for road works or road closures.

Why Choose Tess Compliance and Safety?

Tess Compliance and Safety Consultants can provide your business with high quality road traffic management plans for roadside works and events. This covers reviewing Schemes of work for traffic management or diversions, to ensure all road traffic management plans will be fully compliant with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSA).

We have a comprehensive training programme covering all aspects of Chapter 8 for operatives, supervisors, Chapter 12 and Sector Schemes. We deliver these courses both as open courses and at clients’ premises throughout UK.

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