Tess Compliance and Safety have been working with Stadium:MK for the last three years delivering accredited training courses and qualifications. The Director of Compliance and Safety, Steve Laws, has overseen the delivery of three separate levels of training to the Stadium:MK Safety Team.


Throughout 2015 for the Rugby World Cup, Steve has been working with Stewards delivering Level 2 Spectator Safety courses and Level 3 Spectator Safety to their Managers. Steve further delivered Level 4 Spectator Safety courses to Officers at Stadium: MK. All the participants were fully assessed and certified by the TessCS team to ensure that they are fully prepared in case any issues do arise.


From our partnership with Stadium:MK, TessCS became connected to the Rugby World Cup Organising Committee 2015. It was decided that TessCS would deliver further Spectator Safety training to additional staff members. Steve ended up training 60 employees in internationally accredited schemes and qualifications. The attendees gave great feedback to the course.

It was great to see recently that all this training was worthwhile as Fans, Players and Officials gave large amounts of praise to Milton Keynes after a record-breaking Rugby World Cup 2015. John Cove, the man in charge of organising the Rugby World Cup in Milton Keynes, was exceptionally happy with the way the games were carried out.



The event saw a large quantity of traffic approaching and leaving Stadium:MK with a record of almost 90,000 people passing through the stadium doors. It was great to know that the Stewards, Managers and Officers were utilising their skills to assist spectators enjoy such an amazing atmosphere in a very safe environment. Excellent feedback from spectators and the teams from the Rugby World Cup 2015 made headlines – everyone at TessCS is extremely pleased to hear such great results.