Stopping Euro 2016 Violence


JUN, 2016

Event Mangement

Very distressing and sad scenes from England’s opening game against Russia.

I am surprised and shocked that crowd segregation seems not to have been effectively managed. The eye witness reports state Russian fans being able to break through and reach the England section with the deliberate intention for violence.

How could this be allowed to happen?

UEFA have launched an investigation and it is a relief for our national reputation that the blame has been leveled at an orchestrated attack by a Russian hardcore.

Calls are now being made to expel Russia from the competition. At the very least their matches should now be played behind closed doors.

I have a few questions for Uefa:

  1. Who has been responsible for co-ordinating stadium security and stewarding?
  2. What intelligence gathering was collated before the competition?
  3. What physical control measures were in place in the stadium?
  4. What training was carried out for Stadium security and stewarding staff?
  5. Who carried out the risk assessments and training?

In the coming days we will be following up and contacting Uefa to see if they will engage with us in the debate.

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