Security Guarding Training

Course Title: Security Guarding Training

Course length: 18 hours / 3 days

Safe and Trained are experts at delivering training for businesses that employ security individuals.

Under the Private Security Act of 2001 all individuals wishing to work in the private security industry must hold a recognised qualification before applying for a licence. Individuals working in the private security industry must undergo a structured training programme, resulting in one of the recognised security qualifications. Applicants who do not hold a qualification endorsed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) may have their licence application refused.

The SIA has developed a competency (skills) requirement. The aim of this is to create a more competent and professional workforce, which will in turn improve the public image of the private security industry and help make the sector more attractive to potential employees.

Safe and Trained provide training for businesses that have roles as security guarding duties and are supported by Highfieldabc as the Awarding Body. Our course covers the principles of providing security services which supports the skills of manned guarding for your people. This leads to a professional certificate in Providing Security Services.

Who is this for?

Safe and Trained security guarding training is for companies and organisations who provide for the physical security of occupied and unoccupied buildings. Site guarding would also fall within this definition.

Why Choose Safe & Trained?

  1. We have a large number of specialised trainers and can therefore meet any required demand or location
  2. Our training is fun and interactive; with 97% of learners describing our security training as ‘Fun and Informative’
  3. We are experienced at what we do; therefore meaning your business and people get the training they need, at the right level
  4. Your business will have a dedicated course co-ordinator to help you with the training, both booking and implementation
  5. Our after-care team ensure that all learners and our clients are happy with the training, to ensure course satisfaction.

Course availability: We are able to run this course at our own training facility in Northampton. Alternatively, we can deliver the course at your business premises. We run courses from a wide number of locations throughout the UK.

Course booking: To book this course please call +44 (0) 1604 210500 or email [email protected]

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