Is the time right to allow safe standing at football matches? One Club that I have had the pleasure to work with to support their Steward training think so.

Ashton Gate the home of Bristol City and now for the first time also the venue for Bristol Rugby Club have installed a new seating system called rail seats which has gained popularity in Germany.


Pick any steward around the UK who works at a Stadium and ask the question ” is it time to allow limited safe terrace standing”, will tell you that a significant section of spectators attending a football match will stand up throughout the majority of the match unless directed by stewards to sit down.

At Ashton Gate SGSA regulations currently prohibit the use of rail seats during football matches. However you will see them in use during Premiership Rugby this season.

It would be interesting to compare this to football matches elsewhere. Has there been significant issues at League 1 and 2 matches where terrace standing is allowed?

Some Football League clubs have backed calls for the introduction of standing areas and campaigners believe rail seats provide a safer alternative to ‘old-style’ terraces, which did little to stop the forward movement of fans.

Rail seating is used at some of Germany’s biggest grounds, including at Borussia Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion, which has a capacity of more than 80,000. They are also approved for use as seats by Uefa and Fifa.