Physical Intervention

Course Title: Physical Intervention

Course length: 8 hours / 1 day

Tess Compliance and Safety can support your business with the training required for a safer workplace environment, for frontline staff of service providers.

Using a delivery system of core training materials required for an effective level of physical intervention skills, our training covers:

  • Disengagement
  • Holding and grasps, and
  • Risk profiling

The physical intervention model has a unique combination of features that provide your people with:

  • a flexible framework that responds to your agenda
  • a low arousal approach that does not antagonise those involved or bystanders
  • highly effective skills that do not rely on pain to gain compliance
  • accredited, nationally recognised training that meets your sector’s regulatory requirements
  • individual and team methods that look professional and are proven operationally
  • a problem-solving approach that helps staff respond to local and individual needs

Who is the Physical Intervention Course for?

Our clients include security companies engaging in managing challenging and aggressive behaviours in a crime detection, preventative situations. Lone workers, and front line staff working for and with local authorities and public organisations who engage with clients who may expose them to allegations of assault and potential prosecution.

Why Choose Safe & Trained?

With the support from some of the most experienced expert witnesses on use of force, Safe and Trained can deliver training on site for your staff. We will help you minimise the need for physical intervention in your workplace and establish the level of training required by staff in different roles.

Course availability: We are able to run this course at our own training facility in Northampton. Alternatively we can deliver the course at client premises. We run courses from a wide number of locations throughout the UK.

Course booking: To book this course please call +44 (0) 1604 210500 or email [email protected]

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