Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Course Title: Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Course length: 4 hours / 1/2 day

The Safe & Trained Drug & Alcohol Awareness training course aims to increase knowledge and awareness of drug and alcohol related issues in order for them to be identified and reduce potential risks to Health and Safety in your business or workplace.

Our Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training includes a wide variety of learning methods including formal presentation, group activity and hypothetical situation exercises:

  • Attitudes to Alcohol & Drugs
  • Drugs & Alcohol the facts
  • Reasons for Drug & Alcohol abuse
  • Common controlled drugs
  • Legislation – Health & safety, Data Protection, Human Rights
  • Identification of abuse – Workplace & Individual
  • Development of policy & procedures
  • Actions by employees “For Cause”

Who is this for?

This half-day session is aimed at all operational supervisors and managers in security related or large businesses.

Why Choose Safe & Trained?

  1. We are highly experienced and have delivered awareness training to a variety of businesses
  2. Our training is up to date and fresh, with 95% of attendees describing the drug awareness training as ‘interesting and useful’
  3. We are able to adjust our training to incidents or an industry specific to your business
  4. Your business will have a dedicated course co-ordinator to help you with the training for both booking and implementation
  5. Our aftercare service includes handouts for learners and useful information for future reference in order to embed the awareness

Course availability: We are able to run this course at our own training facility in Northampton. Alternatively we can deliver the course at your business premises. We run courses from a wide number of locations throughout the UK.

Course booking: To book this course please call +44 (0) 1604 210500 or email TessCS@thetessgroup.com

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