Over recent seasons in  the UK Football Leagues a creeping popularity for setting off flares in the stadium during football matches has occurred. Have you been at a match when this has happened? How close were you and how did it make you feel? We regularly  assess at Clubs throughout the UK and our assessors have seen the issue first hand and up close.

However, where did this come from?



This post from TessCS Facebook page show multiple flares being set off at a Bundesliga league match in Hamburg. There were prior incidents in the first half, yet flares continued to be set off? Seemingly the stewards allowed this to happen. Mostly flares are based on fireworks and whilst dangerous are easily extinguished by pushing down into a sand bucket. Fire Marshals with who have properly prepared with protective fire retardant gloves and clothing can deal with these flares and reduce the risk of injury. However, marine flares burn at over 2000 degrees. These flares are constructed to ignite and burn in extreme weather conditions at sea. The heat generated will burn through most materials and will continue to burn. They do not need oxygen to burn. Footballers are now receiving warning briefings not to try and kick these away from the pitch as they will stick to their boots and burn through in seconds causing severe foot injury.What would happen if one of these flares landed in a crowd of spectators when thrown pitch side? The consequences would be dire and could lead to serious injury.