Course Title: CSAS

Course length: 38 hours / 4 days

Tess Compliance and Safety regularly support and carry out CSAS training programmes across the country.

Community Safety Accreditation Schemes are a means by which the Chief Constable of a police force in the United Kingdom may grant a limited range of police powers to employees of non-police organisations who contribute towards community safety. Community Safety Accreditation Schemes were created under section 40 of the Police Reform Act 2002. Individuals who have been granted these powers are known under the Act as Accredited Persons.

We have trained security companies, local authorities and the police for CSAS schemes that have provided accredited persons for: directing traffic at events, warden patrols and security patrols in shopping centres.

Community Safety Accreditation Powers

A Chief Constable may grant some or all of the following powers to an Accredited Person as part of a Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.


The power to:

  • require the name and address of a person who has committed a criminal offence that causes injury, alarm or distress to another person, damage or loss of another’s property, or to whom a penalty notices has been issued;
  • require the name and address of a person acting in an anti-social manner;
  • require a person to stop drinking in a designated public place and confiscate and dispose of alcohol being consumed in a designated place;
  • confiscate alcohol from young people;
  • confiscate cigarettes and tobacco products from young people;
  • require the removal of abandoned vehicles;
  • stop cyclists if they are suspected of having committed the offence of riding on a footpath;
  • stop a vehicle for the purposes of an inspection;
  • control traffic for the purpose of escorting abnormal loads, for the purpose of conducting a traffic survey and for other purposes.

Why Choose Safe & Trained?

  1. We are highly experienced and have delivered CSAS and traffic management training for a wide array of clients
  2. Our training is current and fresh, with the latest handouts, materials, and exercises used
  3. We have a large training team so can carry out training schedules at various locations simultaneously to support your business
  4. Your business will have a dedicated course co-ordinator to help you with the training for both booking and implementation
  5. Our training specialists will talk you through the requirements at each stage, relating to your business requirements as part of the service

Course availability: We are able to run this course at our own training facility in Northampton. Alternatively we can deliver the course at your business premises. We run courses from a wide number of locations throughout the UK.

Course booking: To book this course please call +44 (0) 1604 210500 or email [email protected]


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