Crowd Safety Weekly Bulletin


JUL, 2016

Event Mangement

Our Weekly Crowd Safety Bulletin

Managing crowds involves significant risk. The extent, severity and exposure to risk
will vary depending on: the circumstances crowd management find themselves in;
how well crowd safety staff have been prepared; and how effectively risks have
been controlled.

Common problems faced are:

  • Controlling the entry into the event
  • Monitoring and communicating with crowds
  • Influencing crowd behaviour
  • “First Response” first aid and critical care
  • Preparing for, coordinating and responding to emergencies including the possibility of emergency evacuation.

How prepared are you?

What is Community Safety Accreditation?

What is Community Safety Accreditation?

Community safety accreditation schemes (CSAS) enable the chief constable of a police force in the United Kingdom (except Scotland ) to grant a limited range of police powers to employees of non-police organisations bolstering community safety. Community safety...

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Caught off guard and "numb" from the impact of a critical incident, people are often ill-equipped to handle the chaos of such a catastrophic event such as Manchester Arena bombing. This is equally true for those tasked with...

Psychology of Crowd Safety – Safety, Security and Service

Psychology of Crowd Safety – Safety, Security and Service

26 MARCH, 2018 Safety Crowds Event Management Those who work with crowds depend upon knowledge of crowd psychology in order to enhance positive crowd experiences, maintain safety and security, and to manage risks. During my studies in crowd science and safety...

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