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MARCH, 2016

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Community Safety Accreditation Schemes have been made possible through the Police Reform Act 2002 and have aimed to raise awareness, improve standards and promote and develop co-operation between the police and organisations who need the support of a “policing function” for their events but not necessarily the police to carry them out.

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Accredited employees may be granted limited but targeted powers appropriate to their role and which meet these local needs and priorities.

They will also benefit from additional protection under the legislation. Improved information sharing between the police and accredited organisations will help co-ordinate visible patrols and direct resources effectively to improve quality of life within the community.

The Police reform act allows suitably vetted, trained and accredited people to be given police powers by a Chief Constable to carry out duties in replacement of police.

Such duties can include:

Traffic Control Marshals – Council Street Wardens – Event Stewards  – Shopping Centre Security – Parking Attendants – Hospital Security.

To get there you will need:

What are the benefits? It will save on the costs that the police will charge for the policing of “special events”. You will have a dedicated, vetted and professionally trained team to take on specific functions within an event or venue. You will have direct influence and control of their deployment and ultimate accountability.

So there you have it! Find a good consultancy company who can support and assist you with the application and liaison process with the Police and follow on training and you will be able to “bridge the gap” as police resources are stretched and withdraw from supporting you.

I will leave you with a quote from a leading senior police officer:

“Working with communities and strategic partners is essential to policing and CSAS Accredited Persons (APs) – be they from private companies or public organisations – are a partner of growing strategic and operational importance.”

Chief Superintendent Dave Powell, Extended Police Family Lead, Hampshire Constabulary

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What is Community Safety Accreditation?

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