Course Title: Car Parking Attendant half day/4.5 hours

At Safe and Trained, we are able to: 

 Equip your car parking operatives to:

  • Safely direct vehicles entering parking areas
  • Safely park vehicles in marked bays
  • Safely park vehicles at events using green field parking
  • Safely reverse high sided vehicles to park
  • Manage a parking area efficiently

Who is the Car Parking Attendant Course for?

This training is for any car parking staff or security staff responsible or tasked to supervise a car park whether that be a multi storey, single level or green field environment.

Why Choose Safe & Trained?

  1. We are highly experienced and have carried out Car Parking courses for clients such as G4S, Manchester City at Etihad Stadium and VSG at Victoria Centre in Leeds.
  2. We are able to adjust our style as appropriate to your business in order to work with you and your people to add real value
  3. Your business will have a dedicated co-ordinator to help you with the booking and implementation of the testing
  4. Our aftercare service includes handouts for learners and useful information for future reference in order to embed the awareness.

To know more or to enroll on a course call us on +44 (0) 1604 210500 or email [email protected]



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