Chapter 8

Course Title: Chapter 8 Course

Course length: 8 hours / 1 day

Awarding body: NCFE

Course Title: Chapter 8 Course

Tess Compliance and Safety are highly experienced with all Traffic Management training requirements; including Chapter 8. Our Chapter 8 course covers the Traffic Management Officer (TMO) legal duties and all safety aspects for setting up and maintaining:

  • A road closure
  • Traffic diversion
  • Use of Stop and Go boards

This is applicable to the following legislation:

Traffic Management Act 2004

This act places responsibility for Road Network Management to Local Government Traffic Authorities. This further places responsibility to maintain safety of these roads and all road users on them. For any application to close a road or place diversions connected with an event, a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) would convene to consider the application and report back to the relevant Traffic Authority with their recommendations.

Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984

This act specifically states:

  • the responsibility placed on Traffic Authorities to authorise Road Closures and diversions at Sporting and Leisure events.
  • diversion routes would normally be decided upon after consultation with the SAG, Police and Local councils.
  • this would normally be in the form of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (section 14 relates to the placement of signs).

Any event organiser would be required to submit a suitable Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the SAG to consider. Assessment of risk and control measures would be an essential part of this process.

Any SAG and Traffic Authority would require any one who was to carry out the role of a Traffic Management Operative (TMO) to be safe in doing so.

Our Chapter 8 Course Covers:

  • The personal responsibilities placed on a TMO to act safely and lawfully
  • Practical application of setting out Temporary Road closures
  • Use of Stop and Go Boards and lane closures within an authorised Event Traffic Management Plan.
  • A Temporary Traffic Road Management  Order (TTRMO) which would be put in place by the Traffic Authority to authorise the plan and road closures etc.

Who Should Attend?

Chapter 8 training prepares companies and organisations to safely and lawfully carry out Traffic Management duties on the Highway under an authorised Traffic Management Regulation Order. This is pertinent to organisations such as Arenas, Stadiums, Open Air Events in the Sports, Entertainment and Music industries and companies such as utility, councils and logistics.

Why Choose Tess Compliance and Safety?

  1. We are highly experienced and have delivered traffic management training for the London Olympic Games 2012 and Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014
  2. Our training includes specialised ID cards for recognition of those that have passed the course
  3. We are able to deliver high volume courses at short notice where required, with our large training team
  4. Your business will have a dedicated course co-ordinator to help you with the training for both booking and implementation
  5. Our training specialists will talk you through the requirements at each stage, relating to your business requirements as part of the service

Course availability: We are able to run this course at our own training facility in Northampton. Alternatively we can deliver the course at client premises. We run courses from a wide number of locations throughout the UK.

Course booking: To book this course please call +44 (0) 1604 210500 or email



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